Jennifer Montgomery
City Council, District No. 6

About Me


  • Sixth District Resident and Business Owner
  • Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning
  • Principal Broker, Real Estate 
  • President, Neighborhood Group
  • Organizer, Magnolia Avenue Market Area (M.A.M.A.)
  • Member, East Knoxville Lion's Club

There's new excitement and investment in the Sixth District, from East Knoxville through downtown and Mechanicsville and down Sutherland Avenue. I want to welcome new people and new ideas to the Sixth District, in balance with current community goals & values.

I have lived and worked in the Sixth District for over 15 years. I own a small real estate office in the Sixth District that's moving to a building that I'm renovating on E. Magnolia Avenue. 

My Great-Grandparents and Grandparents lived and worked in and around the Sixth District as well. My Great-Grandfather had a plumbing shop on University Avenue. I'm proud to be part of my family history in the area.

I have a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning. I studied economic development, shopping districts and neighborhoods, in cities. I am specifically interested in housing affordability and jobs, especially local business ownership opportunities in the Sixth District. 

Lately, I've been focused on ideas about neighborhood preservation, affordability, and other concerns as my neighborhood group President. I'm also interested in support for merchants -downtown and along commerical corridors- Sutherland and E. Magnolia avenues. Further, I think that the close proximity of East Knoxville to agricultural land is an asset- for education, economic development, and promotion of food security.


Thank you for your consideration of my platform as you elect a new City Council Person in the Sixth District. I've spent an education and many years at work in the community to prepare to serve in this position. I support positive progress in our extraordinary city and am especially motivated by recent energy in the Sixth District. Here are a few priorities to consider.

Neighborhoods- Our rich history of neighborhood development has provided us with such a great variety of places to hang our hats. Continued support of unique neighborhood character and cultural assets in our communities is an essential concern for me. 

  • Safety is the first priority in the livabability of our city and district.
  • I've been working hard on the preservation of our historic neighborhoods in the Sixth District and will continue that effort. Historic neighborhoods are an important differentiating cultural assets that provide unique living opportunities in limited supply in the City of  Knoxville.
  • With regard to housing affordability, I stand for balance with large and small homes interspersed in our communities to support economic diversity. I am especially intersted in grassroots and municipal efforts to support housing affordability.
  • I also support the promotion of home ownership with a balance of available rental property in our communities.
  • Finally, I'm very concerned about blight and vacancy, properties left to decay and fray the fabric of our urban communities.

Economic Development- I firmly believe in the prudence of careful, thoughtful planning and implementation of economic development programs to promote private investment in our communities. In my experience, there is no single, simple solution.

  • I am most supportive of civic investment that is incremental and mindful of existing neighborhood character and cultural assets. 
  • I believe that government can play a cost-effective role in the attraction and support of business and jobs, especially the support of locally-owned business and entrepreneurial mentoring opportunties.
  • The revitalization of our central business district continues to be a fantastic benefit to the City of Knoxville. I am especially interested in the support and continued development of our downtown and vibrant community districts.
  • In the Sixth District, commerce along commerical streets, like E. Magnolia and Sutherland avenues, is a very high priority concern for me. I believe these important streets should serve as unique community and city shopping districts. I also believe that E. Magnolia Avenue should be economically restored to serve as a local alternative travel route to important tourist attractions like Zoo Knoxville and Chilhowee Park. E. Magnolia Avenue is also an important connection to Knoxville Botanical Garden as well as an alternative travel route beyond the city. 
  • Finally, I encourage alternative ways to travel between places and districts in our city; sidewalks, greenways, and the improvement and increased ridership of public transportation.


Knoxville Area Association of REALTORS

Fraternal Order of Police


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